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At Sesamotex, we make the developments that your company needs.


About Us

Sesamotex is an apparel manufacturer, managed by professionals with extensive experience in the fashion industry.

We are able to offer business-development services that include product design and development, as well as production for your garment needs.

We work as your creative partner through the process of product design, technical development, pattern design, cutting, and manufacturing.

We are able to offer both small and large-scale production quantities. We believe our responsible trade practices are essential to our success.


13 years of our
great family.

We are dedicated to making people happy.


Las líneas de productos que ofrecemos, atienden los universos de vestuario de: Ropa Deportiva (Activewear), Ropa Interior (Underwear), Prendas de baño (Swimwear and Beachwear) y Piyamas y medias (Pajamas and socks), dirigidos al mercado masculino.


Swimwear and Beachwear

Pajamas and Socks

We make the initial prototypes according to your requirements; including proposals and samples in raw materials.

From the proposed designs, final selections will go onto the test and sampling phase for approval and ultimately production.

We reproduce the approved prototype for the development of samples and we photograph the pieces to share with you.

We guarantee that the measurement specifications are applied correctly in the different garment sizes. After defining the final measurements, we manage the final mold and pattern making in a systematic and industrial manner according to specification.

We assemble the garments, adhering to strict quality specifications and traceability in accordance with established standards. We optimize our process to deliver quick production and delivery. Our manufacturing team has the capacity to produce fashionable styles and basics while never compromising its commitment to the quality of the product.

  • Our flexible production allows you to handle minimum inventory levels, reducing your costs.
  • We coordinate with customs and logistics providers to facilitate the process of shipments sent using FCA terms of sale.
  • We keep extensive records of the production process and materials, allowing for proper traceability in the event of compliance audits.


We Research

Through a process of immersion in your brand, we manage to understand the language and the user´s approach, and from this knowledge...

We Design

... we propose a fashion concept of the collection, which will be reflected in the development of the textile bases, the attainment of inputs,

We Advice

...graphic proposals, the structure of the collection, among other processes that serve to enrich it in commercial, aesthetic and functional terms.

Our Clients

Let´s do bussiness

How to order?

  • Orders may be emailed to:, where they are reviewed on a constant basis, seven days a week.
  • Most orders are out of production and ready to be shipped within 45 to 60 days.
  • Invoices will be provided via email, along with instructions for wire transfers payments.
  • Once payment has been made, please provide a SWIFT confirmation via fax or email. Upon receipt of this confirmation, goods will be prepared for export, and complete export documentation will be provided.

Keep in mind that the international transfer information is delayed approximately two business days and the delivery time of the office is approximately four days subsequent to the date of shipment. If there are no incidents with the carrier.

Foreign sales

Our prices are EXW or FCA (Rionegro – Colombia). International freight and insurance are paid by the buyer.

Required documentation

  • Certificate of existence and legal representation.
  • Legal representative Identification card (Photocopy).
  • Trademark register.
  • Taxpayer ID (Photocopy).